Gibson 1964 Zebra Humbucker Pickups

Here's a pair of actual Gibson Zebra humbuckers from 1964. Gibson made PAFs
until 1964. Sometime that year they changed the wire type, the winding machines
and made "T" tops. Both bobbins on each pup have the "T" tops. The engineers
thought this was a great advance as there were significantly less production line pickup
failures. Because of the "tighter" winding machine, the after PAF pickups are more
durable. The looser PAFs had the nasty habit of breaking a winding wire internally
after years of loud playing, and especially if subjected to a lot of microphonic feedback
where the actual loose coil wires vibrate. The difference in sound between the two
designs paved the way for the PAF mystique.

Unfortunately, the "Patent No" sticker on one of these pickups has fallen off, otherwise
these are bone stock. These Zebras come with the stock nickel covers, or $30 extra
for the Stars Guitars Brass Slot Tops shown in the picture below.

The DCR of the bridge pickup (pole piece screws on Cream bobbin) is 7.9Kohm with
9" of lead.

The DCR of the neck position is 7.54Kohm with 3" of lead. I will splice a length of RGB
Coax to the original Gibson wire to meet your requirements, let me know how long you
need/want it to be.

These pups came from the factory as a pair on my 335 12 string guitar. To take a look at
that guitar, click here. One pickups has the Cream Bobbin with pole piece adjuster screws
and the other has the Black Bobbin with the screws.

A deal at $450 for the pair, U.S. or APO shipping included.

Zebras Bottom View

One of the "Patent No" stickers has fallen off.

"T" On Both Bobbins

You can see the "T" on the Black Bobbin in this picture.

Zebra Black Side View

Showing the white and black wires, the Alnico magnets and wood spacer.

Zebra White Side View

Showing the white and black wires, the Alnico magnets and wood spacer.

Stock Nickel Covers

Not perfect, but in very good shape. The black lines are reflections of the wall paneling.

Stars Guitars Brass Slot Top Covers

The Stars Guitars Brass Slot Top pickup covers. I usually sell these for $20 each, but
you get $10 off buying the pair and the pickups. Click here to read about Slot Top
pickup covers.