Alembic "Big Red" 6 String Guitar

This is one of only two Big Red Alembic six string guitars in existence.

Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages, this is as rare as guitars get.

The original "Big Red" was built by an Alembic employee as a personal instrument in
early 1976. It was accidentally sold to a customer and disappeared for a number of years.
This instrument, "Big Red II" was built by the same Alembic employee as a replacement to
#1. When #1 resurfaced in the late 1980s I bought this one as the builder did not feel he
needed both.

Yes, it's an unusual "innie."

This instrument was appraised at $10,000 back in 1990. I'm asking an extremely reasonable
$5,000. Buyer pays half of shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California.

Although I enjoy this axe and even though you can easily reach and play C# Major and
Pentatonic scales at the 22nd fret, it is way too "clean" for my playing style.

This axe plays well and is in excellent condition with no finish flaws. Although heavier than most
guitars, it is balanced and comfortable to play either standing or sitting.

It doesn't come out of climate controlled storage very often so don't ask to see it unless you are
most serious. I do not suffer tire kickers well!

I had been considering putting a set of ZBS80 pickups in it and gutting the electronics but decided
to offer it up for sale as an intact original instead.

The Serial Number

June, 1976, the second and last of the series.

The Case & Goodies

The original case with the Keys, Guitar Pick, Stereo Cord (for battery powered operation),
the Power Supply, the Power Supply Cord and a short cord for Power Supply to amp.

Yes, the case was for the usual "outie."

Power Supply

The Power Supply is shown in actual size. There are discreet pickup outputs (Bass/Treble) or a
summed Mono which are 1/4" phone jacks (normal guitar cord), and the XLR 5-pin connector.

"Big Red" Back View

Showing the control cavity cover (with trimpot access) and the battery cover.