Bambu Guitar

This is a guitar built by a Japanese company called Misato. It's called a Bambu Guitar because
the neck-thru laminations are just that bamboo.

Back in the mid 1970s the R&D Group from the Misato parent company, Chushin came to San
Francisco to consult with the Luthiers at Alembic about their idea of building a guitar using bamboo
as a primary component. You can't cut down trees in Japan for commercial use, but bamboo is
an alternative resource quickly replenished and every bit as strong as other woods.

The plan was to build a conventional 2 pickup neck-thru-the-body instrument using lamination
techniques developed and proven by Alembic. The Chushin engineers also wanted to utilize Alembic's
revolutionary pickup design and on-board active electronics technology.

The result was a run of guitars that not only played well, sounded great and were extremely strong
but should have given the MI industry a real run for it's money.

Unfortunately, distribution and other problems made it fiscally impossible for Misato to manufacture
and sell the quantities they had intended. In 1978 the first production run ended after about 20
instruments had been built. This is number three.

This axe will stand up to almost any guitar produced for quality, playability and sound. It has two
pickups similar to Alembic shaped magnet pickups with a +_9V (two 9V batteries) active electronic
system. There is a volume control, sweep control and center frequency control.

The action is 3/32 at the 12th fret and 2/32 at the third fret with no fret buzz. You can strike the
A 5th string and bend the B or E string without altering the pitch of the ringing A string. Try that
on other guitars. The thru-the-body stripes are dozens of bamboo strips laminated together in
alternating grain patterns for an incredibly strong neck.

It has a brass nut with prototype Gotoh tuners. The finish is a deep burgundy and is almost flawless.

This guitar would have sold for about $1500 when it was made in 1978. It's the only one I know of
in the U.S.

We are offering it here for $500, case included. Buyer splits shipping/insurance costs with us.

The Headstock

Showing the laminated bamboo strips.

Back View

Showing the dual battery compartment.