Bozo B-100 Front & Back Views

This axe belongs to a good friend, and is on my site for sale through him. Contact information
is at the end of the Conditions of Sale section below.

The instrument for sale is a Bozo B-100 from approximately 1976.

In the mid-1970s, famous luthier Bozo Podunavac licensed the designs for his instruments to
a Japanese firm, which built them to his specifications.

The B-100 is the top of the line of Bozo's Japanese-made instruments. It is a Bell Western
dreadnaught-style instrument, Bozo's most famous and enduring design, and is constructed
with a solid spruce top, solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck, and ebony
fingerboard/bridge. More detailed specifications are listed below.

Asking $3,000, for the guitar with case. See Conditions of Sale section below for details.

Bozo B-100 Top View



The instrument has a strong and gutsy sound, with rich bass and strong trebles; think Leo Kottkeís
early six-string sound. Itís good for fingerpicking (although the neck is a smidge narrow for that)
and makes a great busking or rhythm guitar, as it has volume to spare.


It also has a mid-seventies Barcus-Berry pickup in it with the 1/8" endpin jack Ė yes, you read
that right, itís 1/8", not 1/4". Itís not a great pickup but itís contemporary with the age of the guitar.

Condition of the instrument:

The instrument is used. I purchased it in the 1990s, and it already had seen a fair amount of use. Itís
got dings in the top but no appreciable pick wear thanks to the clear pickguard and the prior ownerís
use as a skinny-necked fingerpicking guitar. The nitro-lacquer finish has yellowed with age as lacquer
does. The headstock lacquer is a bit cloudy from age, and it tends to obscure a bit of the inlay there;
it could use a run on the buffer, I suppose.

The neck set remains within limits, although it is a thirty-year-old instrument thatís been strung with lights
or mediums its entire life, so it will in due time need a neck set. Fortunately, thatís possible, as the neck
is joined to the body with white glue (e.g., is resettable), per Bozo, via a dovetail joint.

The bone nut is relatively worn and could do with replacement. The saddle is fine.

Itís a very high-quality instrument made of premium woods with excellent construction with a proven design.
Itís also unique; there arenít many of these around.

Conditions for shipping/sale:

Not considering trades.

Local buyers preferred.


Will NOT ship to Asia.

I will do extensive identity verification before shipping.

If you have any questions about this bid you can contact Matt at:

Guitar With Case Open & Closed Views

A nice sturdy hard shell case in almost mint condition.