Fender Strat

This is a very playable Fender Strat. It has a Made In USA neck that dates to 1976 on the Fender.com
website. The Chrome Bullet is missing, but the truss rod adjuster nut works.

The neck is in excellent shape with no fret or fingerboard wear. I have done a complete setup (action,
intonation, truss rod and vibrato) and put on a new set of Fender 150TR .010 to .038 strings.

The body and finish are in decent shape with two dings (see pictures below) and the usual scuffing
and wear due to use.

The axe came with the "original manuals" dated 1994. I believe that the body is an MIJ from that year.

Peghead & Serial Number

I installed graphite string trees as they let the strings slip so much easier than the stock metal.
I'll change them back to stock if you want.

The 6th E string tuner was missing the washer for the bushing so I made a replacement as
shown above, works fine. For $50, I'll install a set of Schaller Chrome Mini Tuners.

The middle pickup has been magnetically reversed and wired backwards so that when the bridge/middle
or neck/middle pickups are selected "humbucking" is achieved without altering the pickup's sound.

I'm asking $300 for this axe as is, or $350 with a set of Schaller Tuners installed. Buyer pays the
shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California or locals can come and pick it up.

Black gig bag included.

The Two Dings

I think these are from being kept and transported in a crappy case. They do not show from the front
or back of the axe.

The Original Manuals & Allen Wrenches

Complete with the original plastic bag. Definitely some useful information in the owners manual.
The copyright date is from the back of the Owner's Manual.