Fretless Bass Neck

This is a nice clean fretless bass neck. The neck's origins are unknown, meaning I don't know
who made it, or when. The heel has locating holes drilled for mounting screws, but has not been
mounted so it is obviously an after-market creation.

The neck is in good shape with only minor scrapes on the back and slight scratches on the
fingerboard. The back of the neck is finished in what feels like nitrocellulose. The headstock has
a couple of finish chips as shown in the picture above.

There is a truss rod that works, and black Gotoh tuners.

Asking $200.

Back View

The neck dimensions are:

26 & 1/2" from nut to end of fingerboard
1 & 3/4" wide at the nut
2 & 1/2" wide at the heel
1" height at heel
3/4" underside of fingerboard overlap at the end of heel to bottom of neck
Fingerboard is 3/16" at edge and 1/4" at center

Fingerboard Detail