Jackson Rhodes EX

This is a 1994 Jackson Rhodes EX, at least that is when I purchased it "new" from
Guitar Center San Francisco.

I replaced the dysfunctional stock bridge pickup with a vintage white Bartolini V88C.
The Bartolini V88C retailed for about $150 by itself, but then you can't get them

To allow the axe to fit in a normal P-Bass case, I modified the upper horn of the
V-shape by cutting off about 4 inches, and tapered the edges to match the new
contour. I think the mod has made the axe is a bit more comfortable to hold and play.

The axe plays well, stays in tune, sounds and looks better with the white Bartolini pickup.

Case is not included, the case I have does double duty for my Stars Explorer body axe.

Asking $250. Buyer pays half of the shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa

Jackson Rhodes EX Closeup