Kawai K11 Synthesizer

This is a Kawai K11 Digital Synthesizer. It is almost unused, in perfect working order, cosmetic
shape and has all the original packing materials.

The K11 has:

* 61 keys and is 32 Voice Polyphonic with two separate 16 channel MIDI ins, A & B
* Serial Interface Port
* 55 preset Temperaments
* 128 Percussion sounds
* 128 Programmed Tones
* 2 banks of Patches with 128 Patches in each bank
* 14 drums kits, 7 in each bank
* lots of individual parameter controls for making your own Patches
* can be used as a Master Keyboard with on-board Quick MIDI

I bought this synth in 1996, but it was a lot more than I needed or felt like learning about
My Casio CT670 MIDI keyboard is enough for my limited MIDI usage.

It comes with the original Power Supply and two detailed 100 plus page manuals (English and others).

Asking $175 plus shipping from Santa Rosa California.

Front Panel Detail

Showing the program edit/create patch buttons, LCD Display and performance controls.

Rear Panel Detail

Inputs and outputs, power switch and power connector on the back panel.

Rear Panel

Showing the labels on the top front panel and the in/outs on the back.

Serial Number

The Serial Number panel.


Packing Materials

All the original stuff including the plastic bag.