Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard Goldtop

This is a 1980 Les Paul Goldtop. It was produced by Gibson's Custom Shop and given
to Stars Guitars for a prototype "one switch" circuit we created for them. Part of the
compensation from Gibson was keeping the guitar. I bought it in 1982.

This axe is unique in several ways:

1. It has a one piece Mahogany body with a clear coat finish instead of paint. Very few
Les Pauls have one piece bodies. A lot have one piece backs with a sandwich between the
carved top and the back.

2. Even fewer Les Pauls have three piece maple necks. This neck is significantly more stable
than the normal Mahogany neck and of course, a lot stronger. See picture below.

3. Factory installed Grover tuners.

4. The Gibson Custom Shop made 450 instruments in 1980 of all types. There are likely under
50 Custom Shop Les Pauls from that year including maybe 5 Goldtops. This is quite possibly
the only one with number 1 & 2 from above.

5. As we added a hole for the one switch circuit, I put a Stars Guitars Warp II in it. The Warp II
is a FET preamp with a 3 position switch. Pos #1 is bypass, Pos #2 is 3db boost with a lower
output impedance, and pos #3 is +12 db with boost at 2KHZ. Doesn't quite make dogs bark.
Battery will last over a month with the axe plugged in 24/7. Black anodized aluminum knobs make
it look meaner and Slot Top pickup covers make it louder and crisp while still protecting the coils.

Although a bit heavier than most, this is the best playing Les Paul you will ever find. Everyone
who has ever played it wanted it immediately. It will be for sale here for a limited time as I'm
likely to change my mind about selling it. The rest of the instruments for sale on this site are those
from my collection that I rarely play or those that do not fit my style. This axe is neither, but I
would really like to get my Mustang project cars done before Hot August Nights! and the proceeds
from most of the sales on this site are earmarked for that purpose.

This axe is appraised at $7,000. I'm asking $3,500. The 2003 57' reissue with sandwich body and
one piece Mahogany neck lists for $3844. Choice of cases included, see pictures below. Buyer pays
half of shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California.

October 17th, 1980

The 291st day of 1980 was October 17th. First and fifth digits are the year, second, third and
fourth are the day of the year. The sixth, seventh and eighth are the shift and production for the day.

3-Piece Maple Neck

The Bridge

The stock Gibson Chrome Tune-o-matic with metal saddles instead of normal plastic. That's my
hand reflected to the right holding the camera.

The Gibson Case

This case is a bit beat up and although safe to carry when latched it has broken hinges as
evidenced by the picture.

The Trapezoid Case

This case cost $200 (retail) in 1982 and although not a "Vintage" Gibson case and less
than cool looking it is extremely durable.