Stars Guitars Strat/Tele Type Neck

This is a very fine 21 fret guitar neck for a Strat or Tele (12 degree fingerboard
radius) style guitar with the difference of having the 3L/3R tuning machine configuration
instead of the normal Fender 6 inline.

The neck is one piece of nicely figured Rock Maple with a dark Rosewood fingerboard.
A trussrod is accessible at the heel.

The back and peghead of the neck is lacquer finished with real Abalone dot inlays and
white "Mother of Toiletseat" side fretmarkers. The frets have been finished (milled), and
a Stars Guitars brass nut blank is included.

This neck was one of several leftovers from the last production run of Stars Guitars
instruments and was made in 1982. It would have sold through the store to the public
for about $200 without fretmilling, tuners or a nut blank. These days finished necks
from parts houses are $175 and up without tuners and if lucky with plastic precut nuts.

Asking $125 for the neck and nut, $150 for neck, nut and tuners. That's half price for a
set of Schallers installed and a $15 Stars Guitars Nut Blank for free! Buyer pays shipping
from Santa Rosa, CA.

Peghead With Schaller Mini 3by3s

The are fitted to the neck for display only; the locating screw holes have not been drilled.
If you buy the neck with the tuners, I will drill the locating holes and install the screws.

Back View

The body pan dimensions are:

2 & 1/8" wide at the heel
2 & 1/16" wide at the joint
1 & 1/16" height at heel center
1" at the heel sides

The two holes shown in the neck heel are the spray booth hanger holes. This neck has
not been mounted on an axe, and therefore can be mated to any pre-drilled body (four,
or three bolt configs) with the Fender body pan dimension listed above. Please also notice
that the finish has been removed from the underside of the heel.

Stars Guitars Brass Nut Blank

Yes, these were really only $10 in hand back in 1980, but they're "vintage" now. I hate
to think what someone would charge to make and install one these days!

Trussrod Adjustment

Abalone Inlays