Strad-O-Line Bass Guitar

This is a very decent bass guitar built by a Korean company sometime in the late1960s, possibly
the early 1970s. Might be an ancient Hondo.

Recently resurrected it from the depths of the Miscellaneous Area of the Stars Guitars Historical
Museum Storage Space. To get the axe into playable shape, I've

* reset the bridge,
*shimmed the neck,
* adjusted the truss rod,
* set the action/intonation,
* fixed the electronics,
* rebuilt the g-string tuner's bushing and washer,
* put a set (used-in good shape) of D"Addario XL Half Round strings on it,
* put a set of black Fender knobs on the volume and tone pots,
* fixed the neck binding

and generally cleaned it up. It is quite playable and sounds a lot better than expected. It's not
a Fender or other major brand, but you could do way worse in a vintage "low-cost" bass guitar
with very little fret wear and a clean fingerboard. The Ashtray and second piece of the pickguard
are included and shown below.

The finish is in OK shape, and I have cheated by "coloring" a few of the places where the paint
was chipped or scrapped away. One of those 3' finishes for sure, see the Serial Number picture
below. The D-string tuner handle is bent, but it works.

I estimate that this guitar would have sold for about $150 when it was new.

I'm asking $125, no case, buyer pays shipping/insurance costs from Santa Rosa, or pick it up.

The Serial Number

Number 550 from the 2nd production run. Above the Serial # you can see a small portion
of where the paint has been scrapped away. I left it that way so you could see the difference.
The paint was scrapped to the left to below the Serial #, this is one of the spots that I "colored."

Binding Repair

Yeah, it's white. So was the rest of it when it was new. Thirty or forty years from now it will also
have yellowed, point is that you can't feel it when you play at that fret.

Ashtray & Pickguard

Not in bad shape for it's age, even has a piece of foam for the mute. It was wrapped in a towel
along with the other part of the pickguard. Missing one pickguard screw.