Ransom Black Metalflake Strat

This axe is not for sale at this time.

This is a very fine high quality Strat Clone. You will not find an instrument of this caliber
hanging in a music store or pawnshop. The neck and body were built and painted by
Dan Ransom in 1983 when he worked for Sierra Guitars (Dan & I both worked at
Stars Guitars in the late 70s and early 80s). I honestly cannot remember if the body is alder
or swamp ash as I finished all cavities in shielding paint; no bare wood exposed. The neck
is one piece of flamed maple and VERY stable with a dark rosewood fingerboard. Dot fret
markers are inlaid on the fingerboard and the side of the neck. The flawless black metalflake
paint is difficult to photograph and reflects the background color(s).

One-Piece Maple Neck

I installed Seymour Duncan pickups, a Stars Guitars Brass Mass Chrome bridge with a
1/4" stainless steel vibrato bar (you won't break it), Schaller Mini tuning pegs, mirrorplex
pickguard, tremolo and control cavity covers, individual pickup selector mini-toggle switches
and a single volume control.

The middle pickup has been magnetically reversed and wired backwards so that when
bridge/middle or neck/middle pickups are selected "humbucking" is achieved without altering
the Duncan pickup's sound. The pickups and control cavity are shielded and there are ferrite
beads on the output jack. This is a quiet single coil axe! There are 2 additional pots installed,
but not wired in the control cavity with plenty of room for electronics, dual batteries and/or "stuff."

I made a teflon nut (don't try this at home!) for this instrument and installed graphite string trees.
The action is low, but very playable with 10 to 38 strings. Although not a locking trem system,
the Stars Guitars Brass Mass Bridge, trem spring adjustment, teflon nut and graphite string trees
will allow non-extreme trem usage while maintaining tune.

I'm asking $1,350 for this axe, case included. Buyer pays the shipping and insurance from Ukiah

You may think this a lot, but ask around about getting an instrument painted in any color of metalflake.
Most shops, if they are even able to do the work will want $400 to $600 for the job. You will pay
near or more than $1,500 for a hybrid Strat alone!