Stars Guitars 12 String Strat Front & Back

This is an extremely playable high quality 12 string Strat Clone. I built the body at Stars Guitars
in 1980 and Dan Ransom built the neck for me at the same time. (Dan & I both worked at
Stars Guitars in the late 70s and early 80s).

The body sides are Mahogany. The top is New Guinea Walnut. The center section is also New
Guinea Walnut with Padouk stripes and Purple Heart veneers.

The 3-piece neck is Maple with the center section Rosewood, a multi veneer headstock, and
Rosewood fingerboard. Abalone Dot fret markers are inlaid on the fingerboard and Mother of
Toilet Seat Dots on the side of the neck.

The finish is a special Stars Guitars 3-part oil finish.

Body Detail

I installed a pickup from a1970s Fender Strat in the bridge position and rare white Bartolini 3X
Series pickups in the middle and neck positions with individual mini toggle switches. This allows
you to get the unusual combinations of the neck/bridge and neck, middle and bridge.

The bridge is a Stars Guitars Brass Mass Chrome 12 String with individual saddles and a new set
of D'Addario EXL150 strings. The tailpiece is a Stars Guitars Ming with Stars Guitars studs and
adjusters. The strap buttons are also from Stars Guitars. The pickguard is mirroplex.

The control cavity has ferrite beads on the output jack. There is an Allen Bradley 250K Audio Taper
volume pot with plenty of room for electronics, batteries and/or "stuff."

The axe has a brass nut and Grover mini tuners.

Aasking $1350 for this axe, case included. Buyer pays shipping and insurance from Santa Rosa California.

Neck & Peghead Detail

Maple and Rosewood three piece neck with multi laminated peghead and Grover mini tuners.

Bridge & Tailpiece Detail

The Stars Guitars Brass Mass Chrome 12 String with individual saddles and the Stars Guitars
Ming tailpiece with Stars Guitars studs and adjusters.

Axe In Case

Axe Lounging On Bed