Stars Guitars Flying Vee

This is a Stars Guitars Flying Vee, built in 1980. There is no serial number
on this instrument as it was the only one made!
It would likely cost two or
three thousand dollars to commission a luthier or custom shop to create an axe
like this. Even if you could convince someone to build one, you still would not have
a vintage Stars Guitars instrument.

The body is swamp ash. The neck is one piece of flamed maple with a dark rosewood
fingerboard. Dot fret markers are inlaid on the fingerboard and the side of the neck.
The peghead is reinforced and veneered (as shown below).

The gold paint is in excellent shape with a very minor ding on the top and at the end
of the lower vee.

Asking $1,700, case included. Buyer pays half of shipping and insurance from Santa
Rosa California.

One-Piece Maple Neck with Veneered Headstock

Veneered Headstock with Stars Guitars logo

ZBS 80 Bartolini Pickup

I recently replaced the original EMG active humbucker with a Bartolini ZBS-80 (as
shown above). The axe has a Stars Guitars Brass Mass Gold vibrato bridge, Gotoh
Mini tuning pegs and a single volume control.

There is a separate battery box just behind the tremolo cavity cover (shown below)
and lots of room in the shielded control cavity for electronics and/or other "stuff".

Stars Guitars Flying Vee back view